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Successor for Saeco Cappucino Royal wanted


October 03, 2019 05:45 pm


Hello forum community,

after 10 faithful years and approx. 25,000 prepared coffees I am looking for a new and just as reliable fully automatic machine in the near future.
The Cappucino Royal still works perfectly. This year I only invested in a new water tank and gaskets. The maintenance costs thus amounted to less than 50 euros in 10 years. Therefore I am
very spoiled concerning the reliability and have

no hurry to


a worthy

The successor model should have a quickly insertable milk container (removed from the refrigerator) with a good automatic cleaning function of the hoses. He should be able to prepare all common coffee & coffee milk products. It would be great if large cups and glasses would also fit under the spout. Then I read that some machines have 2 storage containers for beans. I also find that
very interesting! an

app control or WLAN is not

important for


Is there anything suitable for me? I'm looking forward to some recommendations

Martin (Hobbytechniker)

October 07, 2019 10:41 am



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Hello, Peter,

my TIP is the Melitta Barista 831 TS 101

This machine is my favorite right now.

It has a smart operation, is APP capable and has a solid and reliable technology base.

She's also quite cheap at the moment... around 800€.


October 09, 2019 11:25 pm



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Why don't you keep the Royal? I'm afraid they don't make those anymore. 25,000 cups is not for the machine. I would exchange the millstones, install a gasket set and overhaul the brewing group. Maybe do another prof. decalcification.

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