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Schaerer (25 machines)


Schaerer AG
Allmendweg 8
4528 Zuchwil

Schaerer Deutschland GmbH was founded in 1993 as the first subsidiary of Schaerer AG. With meanwhile 15 employees, the team around Managing Director Hansjürg Marti looks after a total of 90 sales and service partners throughout Germany. In addition to companies from the gastronomy and hotel sectors, the clientele also includes bakeries, chain stores and offices. The company has been based in Lonsee-Urspring since 2009.

Schaerer Coffee Joy


Schaerer Ambiente 2

Coffee Art

Schaerer Coffee Art

Schaerer Coffee Art Plus

Schaerer Coffee Art TouchIT

Coffee Celebration

Schaerer Coffee Celebration Kombination

Schaerer Coffee Celebration Modell BC

Schaerer Coffee Celebration Modell BCL

Schaerer Coffee Celebration Modell C

Coffee Factory

Schaerer Coffee Factory Cup & Cool

Schaerer Coffee Factory Frischmilch

Schaerer Coffee Factory Pulvermilch

Schaerer Coffee Factory Tassenwärmer

Coffee Vito

Schaerer Coffee Vito Cup & Cool

Schaerer Coffee Vito Frischmilch

Schaerer Coffee Vito Pulvermilch

Schaerer Coffee Vito Tassenwärmer


Schaerer Matic 1 SM II

Schaerer Matic 15 SM II

Schaerer Matic 151 SM II

Schaerer Matic II Gemeinschaftsverpflegung

Schaerer Matic II Milchsysteme

Schaerer Matic Selbstbedienung


Schaerer Siena

Schaerer Siena 2